dhankara gatka dance in punjab

Also called the gaatka dance, this is a dance of celebration. Two men, each holding colourful staves, dance round each other and tap their sticks together in rhythm with the drums. This dance is often part of marriage celebrations, also can be called Martial art of Nihang Singhs.
At least two persons are required to perform this dance, though there is no upper limit. Like other male dances it is danced in circles. The dancers hold staffs of various colors in their hands. They dance as they ply their staffs in rhythm crossing them, with each other-s. This dance is either performed at the common yards or in the vanguard of marriage processions to exhibit joy. Sometimes it is also called gatka dance (dance of the dum swords).
Women also dance this dance but they do so separately and not in company with men. No special costumes are worn with it; only, sometimes the dancers tie a band around their waist. It is based on only a few movements but these movements are rather impressive. Its high point is achieved when dancers sit down and cross batons. Old people, young children and flexible young men all perform this dance
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