Devil's Town: Strange Rock Formation - Serbia


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Devil's Town: Strange Rock Formation - Serbia

Djavolja Varos is a strange rock formation in south Serbia, created by strong water erosion of the surrounding soil. Djavolja Varos, which means "Devil's Town" in Serbian, features 202 earth pyramids, each between 2-15 meters high and 4-6 meters wide. Most of these rock towers have an andesit cap that protects them from further erosion.

When an earth pyramid protects its protective cap, it is quickly disintegrated by the falling rains, but they form just as quick, because of the heavy water erosion. This is what inspired locals to name this extraordinary site Djavolja Varos, because they believe changes like these happen when demons fight each other for power.

The strange sounds made by the wind in this place are also behind its creepy name. The murmurs, howling and squeaking coming from Djavolja Varos on windy nights have frightened local population for centuries and are at the bottom of their eerie legends.

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