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Into the field, I ride
On a pretty little white horse
Feeling like a princess
With a bit of remorse

Sorrow and pain
My greatest fear of all
Catch me for once
And don't let me fall

A fall off my horse
Results in a sadness
I am now in a world
Of total blackness

"May every day be dark and stormy
For this one girl!" Says Depression
"May all her emotions be
Acts of aggression!"

Depression, creeping towards me
Black ghostly figure, ruby red eyes
Looking down on me
With such hatred and despise

In the distance, a white stallion appears
With an ever so charming prince to my saving
While Depression
My soul he's craving

'Hurry, hurry!' I think to myself
"I'm coming!" the hero shouts
Coming closer and closer
The Prince is just in time, "Get out! Out!"

"Thou shall not be in pain.
Thou shall be in love.
Thou shall love thyself.
Thyself shall be proud of."