Delhi world's 5th most painful city for drivers


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The national capital may pride itself on its wide roads, which are the envy of other Indian metros, but Delhi's drivers have the fifth most painful commute among 20 global cities, says a survey conducted by IBM among drivers in these cities. Almost all of Delhi's respondents said that traffic had negatively affected their health and half said that driving makes them angry.

IBM's 2010 Commuter Pain Survey polled 400 drivers in each of 20 major cities in six continents. Based on the results, it compiled a Commuter Pain Index that ranks the emotional and economic toll of commuting in each city on a scale of one to 100 along 10 indicators, including commuting time, driving-related stress and the impact of traffic on work.

If it's any consolation, Beijing, with a score of 99 on 100 is much worse than Delhi as is Mexico City. Johannesburg (97), Moscow (84) and New Delhi (81) complete the list of the five worst. London, ranked 10th worst, sits in the middle, while New York is 17th, which means it is among the best. In line with Scandinavian countries having the best standards of living, Stockholm's drivers experienced the minimum pain among the 20 cities covered.

Nearly all of Delhi's drivers — 96% to be precise — said traffic negatively affected their health. Almost two-thirds (62%) said traffic negatively affected their work or academic performance.