Delhi girl's account of sexual assault by drunk intruder in her own PG will make you cring

Miss Alone

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Yet again, Delhi has proved to be one of the most unsafe places for women, and a resident's horrific sexual assault in her own PG strengthens this fact.
Pinjratod 'an autonomous collective effort to ensure secure, affordable and not gender-discriminatory accommodation for women students across Delhi,' recently shared a shocking post about a college girl's harrowing tale of sexual harassment in her PG in Lajpat Nagar.
The anonymous girl shared spine-chilling details about the entire episode in the Facebook post. When she got back to the PG after classes, she sensed a presence in her kitchen, only to find a drunk intruder with his pants down.
In the spur of the moment, she dodged the inebriated man with a chair and locked herself up in her room. She immediately called up the caretaker of the PG to take control of the situation. In the post she writes, 'the owner was stuck in traffic and came 40 minutes late. The man was inside the room for that time and he took off his pants and rolled my PG-mate's magazines, by tying them up with her rubber band, to play with his penis.'
Despite the utterly shocking incident, the PG owner dissuaded her from calling up the police. As mentioned in the post, 'the PG owner called up some head constable, Shyam Sunder, with whom he is on good terms.'
At this point the police and PG owner gave her baseless arguments like 'kuch nahi hoga case karne se. Ek din bhi nahi rakhte hein is cheez ke liye custody mein' and lectured her about irrelevant things like a girl 'shouldn't go out after 11.'
To make matters even worse, the PG owner kept calling the drunk intruder as a 'baccha', while the policemen instead of taking action, were laughing away at the CCTV footage.
The girl who is a student of Delhi University's Lady Shri Ram College, emphatically concludes the post saying, "I cannot let these men get away with this so easily. When someone wants to take an action, it is the duty of the police to support them, instead of laughing it off and manipulating their decision. Regularize private/PG accommodations! Secure and affordable accommodation for all! Put an end to moral policing and protectionism of hostel and PG authorities!"