Delhi cop helps boy find his way home

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Had it not been for an alert cop, this three-year-old child from Kalkaji would have landed in the wrong hands. Constable Dharmender was stepping out for his usual patrol duties, when an auto driver approached him pointing towards a child crying on the road. The policeman immediately escorted the child to look for his parents.
The incident was reported around 8am, when the child, later identifed as Parul, climbed into an auto rickshaw looking for his parents. When the other auto-rickshaw drivers asked him about his whereabouts, the child started crying. After being informed about the child, Dharmender reported the incident to his senior officers and started looking for the child's parents.
Dharmender requested the auto-rickshaw driver to take him to every house around A, B and C block of Kalkaji to look for the parents. "Everyone he asked gave him directions which helped him map his way to the child's house. Being a beat constable Dharmender was aware of the locality," said a police officer.
The child could identify only a few houses. According to police officials, the constable knocked at every house in the locality trying to identify the parents. After a while, an elderly man identified the child and guided them to the child's house.

It was found that Parul lived with his grandfather Tirath Kohli who owned a small business in the area. His father had died two years back and his mother had remarried elsewhere.
The boy had accidentally stepped out of his house to play and had walked away with someone who might have lured him with sweets or toys. Police say that the child had walked about two kilometres to the main road and boarded the auto-rickshaw.
DCP Mandeep Singh Randhawa said that the constable would rewarded for this. Delhi police has also launched a drive to reunite lost children with their parents.