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How to Take Care of your Pet
- Be gentle with your pet. You don't want them to fear you as the owner.
- Occasionally pet your animal and talk to it; most pets, especially dogs, cats and birds understand human tone and human voice, so interact quite a bit.
- Feed your pet the proper food. Ask the professionals at the pet shop how many times a day they should eat, when, and what they could eat. There are specifically generated canned and bagged foods for each pet. If your pet is still under 1 year of age, consider buying kitten food for baby cats, and puppy food for baby dogs
- Give your pet attention, but not too much attention as in it should learn how to be independent when someone is not around at the current moment.
- Give it enough toys and treats. Teach your pet tricks, play with it and enjoy your moment with it.
- Remember to take them to the vet often so they may lead happy and healthy lives.