~ CuTe BuT fUnNy ~


*Nirbhau Nirvair*
Grandpa & Grandma Alwayz Get Exited When They Recall Their Old Days When They Were Young.:dr :x

They Made A Decision To Live Those “OLD DAYS Once More.”

They Planned A DATE On The River Bank They Used To Go When They Were Young.

The Next Day Grandpa Got Up At 6am In The Morning, & Went To The Bank, Picked Up A Big Bunch Of Wild Flowers Before Sunrise, Waited There For His Sweetheart To Come.:dr

But Grandpa Ended In Disappointment:dts,Grandma Never Showed Up Even After Sunset.:

Grandpa Went Home In Such Anger.He Opened The Door, Seeing Grandma Lying On The Couch With Pillow In Her Arms.:dr

He Threw The Flowers On The Floor & Questioned,Why Did’nt U Come To Our DATE?:foot

Grandma Hide Her Head In The Pillow And Replied Shy'ly:rp
MOM Did’nt Allow Me To Go :rp :b