Custom Made Classic Limo For Wedding Ceremony

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Any bride would be happy to turn up at the church in this custom wedding limo, which was designed to take on the appearance of a medieval coach. This is a custom limo for weddings that is stunning and stylish. This limo is easy to get out of thanks to the door being open from the ceiling to the floor. The bride doesn't have to shuffle down with her head bent to get out as she would with the typical stretch limo.

The wedding car comes with its own delicate strands of embellishments on the paintwork and you have to admit it does look very fairytale limo. It also has lovely lanterns hung down at the front and back, again a lovely touch to the stunning limo. The interior of the wedding car is just as beautiful on the interior as it is on the interior, thanks to curtains and satin seating in a delicate peach color, with black and red motifs and piping. There is even a mini bar for the newlyweds to enjoy a celebratory drink after they become man and wife