Create Your Own Boliyan Contest

I had this great idea yaaron... it's creating your own BOLIYAN contest! We can do it like this... Create a format for boliyan and then have any UNPians that wanna compete join. They create the boliyan according to the format chosen and we can have a panel of judges or something and they will decide which one(s) is/are the best. What do guys you think? :d
Ok then... I guess I will organize it and if I have permission (to UNP team), may I make an announcement of the contest once it's fully organized?
Ok cool... so we'll do it like this:

2 judges will decide the BEST BOLI (The Godfather & SherDil :d)

I've decided there will be NO FORMAT for the boliyan... rules for boliyan will be posted along with thread in the GAPP SHAPP section on August 25th, 2008.

Plz starting working on ur 1 tappa of boliyan and plz make sure there is nothing abusive towards any UNPians. If u want to make fun of someone (not to the extreme or insulting) for fun, please make sure you have their consent and be sure to show them ur completed tappa b4 posting it. If they do not agree to it, PLZ DO NOT POST.

So here's the roundup:
Thread Posting Date: Monday August 25th, 2008
Location: Gapp-Shapp Section
Time: 2:30 pm PTZ (or possibly before but for sure not after)
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