"Create Beautiful Eyes And Look Drop Dead Gorgeous


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"Create Beautiful Eyes And Look Drop Dead Gorgeous"

Eye wrinkles occurs due to ageing. Exposure to heat, cold and sulight breaks down the level of collagen in the skin and as a result of this the skin becomes thinner causing wrinkles.

Fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A cures you from eye wrinkles. So eat more vegetables and fruits to get vitamin A.
Use quality eye creams to tighten and tone up your skin.

• Mix a little turmeric powder with milk cream and apply it around the eyes. This will reduce the dark wrinkles and dark marks around the eyes.

• Apply a few drops of coconut oil around the eyes and massage gently to recover from wrinkles around eyes.

• Apply some raw milk cream around your eyes and massage it lightly.

• Mix some cucumber and raw potato juice and chill it for some times. Apply this mix and massage around your eyes.

• Apply lemon juice on the dark circles two times a day.

• Apply cold cream and massage on dark circles for 15 minutes before going to bed.