Home Decor Crafty ideas using leftover wrapping paper


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If you have rolls of wrapping paper leftover from the holiday season, you can either store it until next year, or use it in other ways. Let's look at some of the options for putting leftover wrapping paper to good use...

Bunting and garlands for any occasion
Put leftover wrapping paper to good use as bunting or as garlands for a children's party of special occasion. Stick sheets together with double-sided tape and then glue them into shapes with a hot glue gun. Thread a needle with emboidery thread to make up your bunting or garland.

Colourful bows for gifts

Recycle leftover wrapping paper into colourful bows for gifts. We've shown you how to make bows from old magazines, but you can also use leftover wrapping paper to make up your own bows.

Wrap it up neatly
Leftover wrapping paper comes in handy for making up decorative serviette rings for parties and celebrations. Recycle a toilet roll holder by using double-sided sellotape to cover with wrapping paper.

It's a cover up
Wrapping paper is ideal for covering up your recycled projects. You can use sprayable adhesive, ModPodge or double-sided sellotape to attach leftover wrapping paper to cans and bottles for use as decorative storage containers. To protect the finish, add 2 to 3 layers of ModPodge (clear acrylic sealer) over the top of the wrapping paper.

Wear it with style
You would be amazed at how gorgeous paper beads can look, and wrapping paper cut into thin strips can be used to make colourful beads for a necklace or bracelet. You can even make gifts for family and friends.

Wrapped in style
Old shoe boxes and cardboard containers made the perfect storage containers for a home office, craft or hobby room. Cover then with patterned and colourful wrapping paper to add interest to your shelves. You find find simple instructions here for wrapping a box.

Line a tray
Foil wrapping paper is perfect for lining the bottom of a tray. Cut the paper to size and use sprayable adhesive to attach to the bottom of your tray. You can also use leftover wrapping paper to line the bottom of drawers and a shelf liners.

Pretty storage
Put recycled cardboard boxes and colourful wrapping paper to good use as pretty storage for your craft or hobby supplies. This adorable storage house has plenty of small drawers for your supplies and you can easily make out of cardboard boxes.