Couple hides gold in diapers, fails to clear customs check

Miss Alone

Prime VIP
A customs team seized 16kg in gold bars from a six-member family that arrived at IGI airport from Dubai on Monday morning.

The gold bars were reportedly hidden in the diapers of two infants of the family. A senior customs officer said they are interrogating the family to ascertain whether they were supposed to deliver the gold to someone in the capital, as a larger syndicate is suspected behind the smuggling.
The family arrived from Dubai by flight 6E-022, at about 7am, and customs sleuths intercepted them at the green channel, as they were apparently behaving suspiciously, the officer said.

"Two members of the family have been identified as Yahabhai and Moaiyadi Tasneem; there were accompanied by two women and two infants. They are being questioned about the source of the gold and all of them are under our custody," the officer said.
The team was led by deputy commissioner of customs (IGI), Govind Garg. The customs and CISF have collectively seized around Rs 6.9 crore in cash and gold worth over Rs 9 crore at the IGI airport since the demonetisation drive, a CISF officer said.