Cops leave 80-year-old mother shackled out in the cold

Miss Alone

Prime VIP
Two policemen left their 80-year-old mother shivering in the veranda outside their home in severe cold weather, shocking both the public and police fraternity in this district in western Madhya Pradesh after a video depicting her condition went viral.

SP Mahesh Chandra Jain said, “Someone in the neighbourhood informed me about the woman’s plight and I sent a police team and rescued the woman and warned her two sons – ASI Mahavir Verma and his elder brother Madan Verma – to look after their mother properly or face legal action.”

The police team found the woman lying in a pitiable condition in shackles under a makeshift tin shed screened by a flimsy cloth instead of a door.

She told the cops that she had not been fed for two days and had been asking for water for the past several hours.

The wives of the two policemen told local media that their mother-in-law had to be kept in chains as she was mentally ill.