Punjab News Cops find Russian national a tough nut to crack


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Ropar, June 28

Russian national Uliga Timoshik, an accomplice of German spy arrested in Nangal, a couple of months back, has been a tough nut to crack.

Refusing to cooperate with the police, Uliga has chosen to keep mum during most of the times of interrogation. The police sources pointed out that Uliga has been very silent and has refused to divulge information without presence of her counsellor.

Interestingly, the police referred her case to the district free legal services authority seeking a counsel for Uliga. The counsel selected, however, refused to contest the case stating that he had never handled cases of the foreigners.

Uliga’s overseas friend, named Sergy, has now arranged a counsel for her from the Punjab and Haryana High Court, said SSP LK Yadav. He added that the police was minutely studying the source of income of Uliga.

“She claims to be a professional photographer and earns from it as well. However, we found that the expenses are around Rs 1.5 lakh per month. In a way, her expenses do not corroborate with her known source of income,” he pointed out. During initial stages of investigation, Uliga has told the police that she was married to a person named Thomas Timoshik. Her landlord in Jaipur, too, was told the same thing. However, she has now retracted from this saying that Thomas was just a figment of her imagination.

“She reasoned that in India it was difficult to find home for a single woman, that’s why she resorted to lying about her marriage,” added Yadav. Sources pointed out that the police were also closely studying the role of her friend Sergy, whom she made first call after being arrested.

Sergy also owns the passwords of bank transactions of Uliga’s bank accounts. Uliga told the police that Sergy was a friend whom she met in Moscow. Interestingly, Uliga had not registered herself as a foreigner anywhere. Her visa expired around an year back and she had applied for an extension. The outcome of application for extension was yet awaited.

Meanwhile, the police had taken her laptop and mobile phone in its custody. The cyber forensic lab had found that Uliga communicated mostly in Russian on internet and mails. She was arrested on June 24 from Jaipur for being the accomplice of a German national, Thomas Kohan, who was arrested for spying.