Cops claim TV actor Mukesh Rawal committed suicide, family denies it

Miss Alone

Prime VIP
A fortnight after television actor Mukesh Rawal was found dead on the railway tracks, the Borivali GRP confirmed that it is a case of suicide. But the actor's family refuse to believe it and have strongly condemned people spreading such rumours.
"The CCTV footage of the incident shows the actor lying down on the track as the fast train was approaching. The motorman hit the brakes just as the train ran over him, but Mukesh was dead by then. We have also taken the motorman's statement confirming the whole incident. He saw him lying on the tracks. It is a clear case of suicide," says Sanjeev Pimple, Senior Inspector, Borivali GRP.

Rawal's daughter Vipra has dismissed reports of her father's death being a case of suicide. She said, "My father was a happy man. He was living a good life, so why would he commit suicide? I know my father, my mother knows my father and we all strongly deny that he would ever end his life. It is true that he was in shock over my brother's death more than a decade ago — he had died after falling from the train while returning from college." Vipra also calls reports of her mother speaking to the media false. "The reports of my mother confirming my father's suicide to anyone are all cooked-up stories. She's not in a position to talk, so how can she confirm to anyone that it is a suicide? We are going through a very tough time right now," she added.