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Sony Ericsson Black Diamond

Singaporean industrial designer Jaren Goh’s mocked up an extremely stylish concept for a Sony Ericsson cameraphone he’s calling Black Diamond. The polycarbonate mirror finish skin, metal detailing and form factor are all rather sleek, but the coolest feature has got to be the OLED borderless screen. Very sexy!

Moodoofree Plus Kit Helps You Park

Not quite the same as the Siemens ParkMate we showed you earlier that will park your car for you, the Moodoofree Plus Kit is a Bluetooth-enabled rearview mirror replacement that has a set of parking sensors attached to your car’s bumper that show your distance from an obstacle or another vehicle. It even tells you in which direction that obstacle lies. This is a versatile device that’s trying very hard to be helpful as it gives you caller ID information from your cellphone, and also functions as a speakerphone.

The Ominous

Come get Some......
Living Floor Reacts to Your Steps

b.Lab Italia brings you Living Floor, interactive floor tiles that react to your steps, letting you leave disappearing footprints all over the room. Available in a variety of colors and metallic finishes, these PVC tiles are made up of a non-slip clear covering with an underlying interactive fluid layer. It’s like beach sand, moving and changing its appearance as you walk on it.

Lover’s Cups

Jackie Lee and Hyemin Chung of MIT Media Lab have a great project called Lover’s Cups, a wireless-enabled pair of drinking glasses. Each cup can tell when someone is drinking from the other; when both are being used they glow to “celebrate this virtual kiss”.