Punjab News Computer teachers hold commuters to ransom


Prime VIP
Kharar, June 28

Computer teachers staged ‘drama’ at Kharar today. While three of these computer teachers climbed up the water tank of private colony, others sat on dharna blocking the entire traffic on National Highway 21 and 95.

The drama started at around 1 pm today when agitators climbed the water tank demanding re-appointment of 408 computer teachers in the state, whom the government had shown the door.

Computer teachers- Saroj Bala, Harsimran Singh and Kulvir Kaur- climbed up the tank. They demanded that either the Chief Minister or his representative should come and meet them and ascertain that they will be re-appointed. The drama continued till late evening with the police and administration trying to persuade them to come down and lift the dharna.

The police had summoned water boozer to spread the crowd sitting on dharna, but could not use it. Every time the police tried to flee away the agitators, those standing atop water tank threatened of committing suicide.

The administration did not allow the police to take any action against the agitating crowd that mainly included women.

Traffic moving from parts of Ludhiana, Ropar, Jalandhar and the areas of Himachal Pradeh was held on ransom. The people travelling from Ludhiana said long queue could be seen from Morinda itself. The police diverted the traffic from Y-point near the Kharar Municipal Park converging at the bus stand.

Commuters caught in milieu were at the receiving end. Buses and other vehicles remained stranded in traffic. Hot and humid weather added to the chaos.

The six-hour drama continued till late evening and dharna was lifted at around 7 pm. Four of the agitators were taken to the Deputy Commissioner, Mohali, where they were assured meeting with the CM at 11 am tomorrow.

The agitating computer teachers were recruited on contract. Thereafter, the state government took three entrance exams and appointed the passing out students as the government employees. Those agitating were the ones who did not pass the exam and were not recruited.