Composers less than happy


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Composers and lyricists like Javed Akhtar, Vishal Bhardwaj and Ram Sampath on Tuesday expressed resentment over a recent Bombay High Court ruling that FM channels don't have to pay separate royalties to composers and lyricists for broadcasting their songs.

"I don't know how the case was fought, the arguments that went in, but the judge said the record company should only get the royalty. The royalty doesn't come to the writer and their composers alone, but the producer and music company also claim their shares on it. So according to this verdict, not only we are in loss but the producers and the music company are partially affected too," said Akhtar, who has been actively fighting for the cause.

"It is a very frightening situation, because it's only the royalty we count upon," said Sampath, whose quirky tunes from Delhi Belly have become a rage.