Compilation & Remixes Quick Announcement

As you may already know, there's a new section created for remix & compilation albums. The big rule is that if you didn't make it, don't post it there. If you are uploading someone else's work, please post in UNDERGROUND MUSIC. Anyways, that's old stuff. Here's the announcement. All remixers/compilers please post ONLY in the DJs and Remixers section. If you post in UNDERGROUND MUSIC, it gets confusing & hard for mods (like me) to reorganize them. Please post in the right sections! I'd also like to use this announcement to say that my April 25th compilation, Bling & Singh, might be delayed till Sunday, April 27th, due to time reasons. I'm sorry guys, but uploading is only finished on two sites, so I might have to extend the release. One last thing before I end this announcement. If anyone who has remixed/compiled there OWN CD and has/had already posted it in the past, please let me know on a PM (private message) so UNP mods can move them into the DJs and Remixes section.

*Please post threads in the right sections
*Bling & Singh delayed till April 27th
*PM me on your previous, already-posted CDs


BTW, Dhillonji, who else is a mod on UNP?

*4/25 Update- Bling & Singh has no longer been delayed. It has been released on the announced date. It's available for download in UNDERGROUND MUSIC & then DJS AND REMIXES section.