Comment & compliment

Hey GUys..... Let know each other better..

So give a compliment about unp member referning his or her name and then give one comment......!!

Its mainly about comments..because this would help in realising bad things and changing it :)


Kool THread MAyn!!!!

GEnie In A Bottle

COmpliment---Buhat ghullan saar kudi haii.NAture wise NO match.HARd to get these kinda person.

COmment-Pechle 2 ku dina to jhooth boldi payi haii,te meinu "Mini" da no nahi dendii payi:hit:hit:hit

pardesan punjaban..

Compliment....She is very nice natured and reserved..

COmment..... LOkana di gaalan vich cheti aa jandi hai


~~brOwn sUg@~~

compliment: a true friend...always thr to listen to mah crap n give me a sincere advise
comment: pichle do dina to meri gallan da vishwas nayi karda n thinks im lying.........te minnie da no. kyn mangda peya eh v menu pata.....:hit :hit :hit :hit


compliment: shweetu g hai.......vry naughty n expert in leg pulling
comment: 4m past few days meri kuch zada hi leg pulling kar rahi hai:bite :bite :bite :bite


compliment: aa te meri bhen aa.....sara din litdi sowie i mean hassdi rendi aa....n vry friendly
comment: nayaneyaan waliyaan galaan kardi aa kade kade....te jess da pura saath de rahi hai meri leg pulling vich:bite :bite :bite :bite


compliment: i guess a vry mature person, who knws watz rite n wats wrng.....
comment: daarubaaz.........:saw :saw :saw :saw :saw :saw

bakiyaan layi vishesh tipni shaam nu kiti jaegi hun uni jaan da time ho gaya.........



Focusing on ________
kis ton shuroo kariyee confusion ho gaya Smitten

Comment - posts ghat karda :p :bite
Compliment - i think he's genuinely a nice person .. dillon saaf te nice sense of humor :gig:gig

Comment - pic ni paaundi UNP te rofl :dr:dr
Compliment - i like her independence and her attitude sometimes is just really admirable :wink:wink:wink

Comment - gayab ho jaaundi aa :an:an
Compliment - shes been there for me so many times .. supportive and loving :wig:kh

Comment - hmm... *wonders* .. i think he knws .. lol :mean:mean
Compliment - he's been an awesome frend .. trustworthy and that counts a lot :y>hug

Comment - Smitten ki kahiye .. bas fone shone khaana ghataade rofl
Compliment - pretty .. sweet .. cute .. guess all a person wants in their wife ;) :gig :wig :kh
Comment - doesnt come to meet me :gr
Compliment - She's become so close to me these days ... shes adorable :dr :gig :wig :kh



Comment: Knowing whats best for her, she can't take firm steps.
Compliment: Energetic, Lively and Convincing.



comment: baut hi khatarnaaak way naal cycle chalaundii ahh :taz :taz

compliment: she is one of the best posters ... and the best poet love readin her poetry and her threadssss specially the interview thread jihdee vich ehh lokaan di chungi khichaii kardii ahh :wink :wink :wig



comment: merii akhaan samnee dujji kurrian naal flirt kardii rehandii ahh :taz :taz

compliment: one of the sweetest gyal i hve met online.....once ya get to kno her betta ya wud kno wot i mean :wink :wink words r too less to desc her :dr :dr


jango baba:

comment: jadh vekho ho ho ho kardaa rehandaa and jamaa vi shave nai kardaaaa junglii lagdaa kaddee kadde :taz :taz :mean :mean

compliment: one of the very few with whom i can tlk freely..... quite open-minded guy n can discuss on any subject :-D :wig



comment: minu chudel akhaaan toon baaajh nai aundaaa :hit :hit sareeee lokaaan nu dasssi jaundaaa :hit :hit

compliment: is one of the very few who can take jokes n is neva serious......... goes outta of da way to help ya out if ya in need :-D :-D



comment: is hardly on line these days :hit :hit

compliment: is a real sweety.... comes up with really good thread topics as well :-D


pardesin punjabin:

comment: baut hasdii ahhh :hit :hit

compliment: is really cool to converse with....n blends in with the crowd easily.. :-D



comment: ajjey tak koi wishes nai poori keetiaan :nerv :nerv

compliment: got a gud sense of humor n one of the few who can keep the conversation goin :-D :wig :wig



comment: nursess picheee aggeee ahlee dualeee bhajji jaundaaaa :hit :hit

compliment: very innocent and carin guy i hve met online :wink :wink



comment: awein hii manno manno kahi jaundaaa minuuu :hit :hit

compliment: is a gud listener.... has got all the qualitiess to be yer bestest frnd :-D :wink :wink