Coming soon: B-Town's Independence Day


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Director Anthony D'Souza, who made his directorial debut with Blue, one of Bollywood's costliest films, is gearing up for a sci-fi action adventure in 3D.

Underwater thriller Blue tanked at the box office.

"The working title of the film is Chaand 2013. Anthony will direct the film. It's a big action adventure sci-fi movie about aliens coming and how they attack Mumbai and India," said Sidhartha M. Jain, founder and chief executive officer of iRock, which is producing the movie.

It will be along the lines of the Will Smith-starrer Hollywood film Independence Day, divulged Jain.

"The film will be in 3D. It will have all the elements of alien spaceships attacking and how our heroes save the country," he said.

"We have not decided on casting as yet, but we definitely will have a very exciting cast. We will start shooting early next year and we are planning to have its theatrical release in summer 2013."