Choosing Your Engagment Ring


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Leading handshape expert Johnny Fincham has teamed up with Platinum Guild International and compiled a guide to help you find your perfect ring. Johnny comments: “When you’re buying an outfit you spend ages making sure the cut flatters your figure and the style is right for the occasion. When it comes to buying a ring, you should apply exactly the same principles. Hand shape, personality and purpose are all vital to your choice of ring.”


First of all you need to establish what type of hands you have. You can identify this through palm and finger shapes. Your hand shape can also reveal a lot about your personality. If you’re choosing a ring for yourself or your loved one then follow these tips:

If you have square palms and your fingers are a little on the short side then you have earth hands. The chances are you’re down-to-earth so avoid anything delicate and dainty; it won’t suit your hands or your personality. Heavy, solid rings are the way forward for you and will not only look great, but also match your desire for security. Ideally, the ring should be quarter the height of your finger phalange (the section from the base to the knuckle of your finger). This will slim your finger. When it comes to choosing the gem stone, go for a shorter style such as a bezel cut to lengthen your finger.


Are your fingers long and slender? Are your palms more rectangular than square? Is your middle finger almost as long as your palm? If so you have water hands. A slim band will look great but you can also get away with layered, interlocking bands. Just make sure you steer clear of anything chunky. As far as gemstones are concerned, make sure it’s small and discrete. Big rocks will look cumbersome. Ideally, go for a single solitaire in a flush cut. This will reflect your inner purity and show off your digit to its best advantage at the same time.


If your fingers are about the length of your palm, and you have rectangular palms then you have fire hands. Angular rings with pointed shapes will look great on your digits and mirror your dynamism. As far as the gemstone is concerned, go for it! Bold designs are best as they will flatter your fingers and match your adventurous personality. Choose a prong setting to show the stone off from all angles creating maximum sparkle.


Do you have square palms? Is your middle finger almost as long as your palm? Then you have air hands. Elaborate, intricate rings will flatter your hands and indulge your sophistication at the same time. Choose an unconventional gemstone in a tension setting to show of your slender fingers and your quirkiness at the same time.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring then platinum is by far the most fashionable material, with everyone from Christina to Demi opting for the most precious of metals – platinum is 30 times rarer than gold. If its wedding bands you’re searching for, platinum will keep its looks for a lifetime, making it the obvious choice for rings you intend to wear for ever. Platinum is also a great choice for day to-day wear especially if you’ve got sensitive skin – it’s 95% pure and hypo-allergenic. And if you’re simply treating yourself to a new piece, white metal is currently very popular.


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