Recipe Chironji Ki Kheer


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Preparation Time : 10min
Cooking Time : 30-35 min

Serves / Makes : 6
Ingredients 1 litre whole milk,
1/4 litre heavy cream,
1/2 cup sugar (adjust the quantity according to your taste)
cardamom powder,
chironjis (charoli),

Method 1. Take a clean heavy bottomed, preferrably, nonstick saucepan. To keep the milk from curdling, make sure that the pan is free of odors. Add only 1 tsp water (to prevent the milk from sticking to the bottom) and then pour the milk and cream into it.

2. Keep the pan over medium heat. Keep stirring the milk constantly using a wooden spoon. After some time, it starts boiling. However, continue stirring and also do not let it overflow (turn the heat to low in that case). Keep mixing to avoid accumulation of a thick layer of cream on top. In about 45 minutes the milk reduces to half of its original quantity and thickens. The color changes to light pink.

Test: Dip a spoon into the milk. Run your finger down the back of spoon. If the stripe remains clear, the milk has thickened enough. But if the edges blur, milk is not ready yet, heat for some more time before you add the sugar.

3. Once the milk thickens, add sugar to it and heat for 5-10 minutes (because the addition of sugar dilutes the milk). Remove from the fire. Then add cardamom powder and chironjis. Serve chilled.

User Comments & Tips Tip: Add sugar ONLY AFTER the milk reduces to half.
Optional: Use slivered pistachios and almonds for garnishing. For a different flavor, add saffron strands.
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