Chinese Farmer Built A Flying Saucer

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China continues to amaze ... Only yesterday we told you about the Chinese, who makes miniature submarines, and today the news is even more amazing: A 46-year-old farmer in China, Shu Mansheng has successfully completed his first flight by using his artificial “flying saucer”. The simple fact that he only has a basic school education hasn’t stopped Shu Mansheng from fulfilling his dream of building his own flying machine.

He taught himself everything he needed to know about mechanics and electronics and finally completed a successful flight in his own flying saucer. He studied mechanical and electronic self-taught to make a flying saucer with eight engines with propellers.

This is not the first work made ??by the farmer, he had made two jets, although the project failed. The first jet aircraft could not take off because of its tires exploded, while second aircraft were destroyed before takeoff.

He has invested all his efforts, as well as 60,000 yuan ($9,400) into creating a new and improved flying machine. He came up with flying saucer powered by eight motorcycle engines and a propeller on top.

This time, he managed to fly it to a height of two meters, sitting in the center cabin of the flying saucer.

Shu plans to make further improvements to his invention and also hopes to open a school for children who share his passion for aeronautics, but can’t study it in ordinary schools.

“My dream is to create a special school, where kids can learn things not taught in regular school,” he concluded.