Recipe Chicken and asparagus pasta


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CUISINE Mediterranean
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Prep time: 15 mins
Cooking time: 15 mins
(serves 4)

400g penne or macaroni
60ml butter
1 onion, chopped
4 chicken breast fillets, cubed
30ml flour
125ml milk
1 can asparagus, drained, juice reserved
50ml fresh parsley, chopped
parmesan or cheddar cheese, grated,
To garnish: salt and pepper, to taste
1. Cook penne in a large saucepan of boiling salted water
until al dente.
2. Heat half the butter in a saucepan. Add onion and sauté for 2 minutes. Add chicken and cook, stirring, over high heat for three minutes. Remove from the pan and set aside.
3. Heat remaining butter. Add flour and stir for 30 seconds. Add milk gradually, stirring to prevent lumps. Pour in juice from asparagus. Stir over the heat until thick. Add chicken, asparagus and parsley. Stir into pasta and season to taste.