Cheryl Cole in full fury against ex-husband Ashley


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The lyrics of the song have left her fans wondering if they were directed towards Ashley, and a friend of the singer confirms they surely are.

"It's clearly about Ashley. And it's the first time we've really seen Cheryl's full fury over what happened. He and the rest of the world now know exactly how she feels," quoted a source as saying.

Cole had split from her soccer player husband in 2010 after he cheated on her with several women.

The lyrics of the song are: "Why do I love you so much when you're a love killer. Baby, baby, you're like the worst drug but you're a buzz killer. I'm in love with the love killer."

"Assassinate my dreams, you're nothing but cold. But baby I just know that no one in the world can love you if I don't," she crooned.