Side Dish Chatpata Tortilla

Chatpata Tortilla
Recipe cook time: 10min

Give tortilla chips a spicy twist for a snack with a difference


  • A handfull of tortilla chips

    2-3 tbsp of aloo bhujia

    4-5 tbsp corn

    3-4 tbsp simla mirch - chopped

    2 tbsp chopped tomatoes

    Salt - to taste

    Red chilli flakes - to taste

    Mustard powder - to taste

    2-3 tsp mayonnaise (egg or egg less)

    2 tsp chopped onions


Mix tortilla chips, aloo bhujia and corn in a bowl.

Add simla mirch and tomatoes, mix again.

Add salt, chilli flakes, mustard powder and mayonnaise and mix well.

Squeeze some lime juice over it just before serving. Serve.