Saini Sa'aB


Having a great pain of enmity
I was exiled to a stony moment.
My heart capacity was so low
and the ceiling of sky was so down
how insignificant were my desires
and how petty was my world.
At the end of loneliness
I picked up a stone heatedly
and threw it towards the rocks aimlessly.
and the adventure was beginning:
The stone was singing plainly
a heartrending lovely sonnet.
And I was sinking in its eternal charisma
Meanwhile its echo grew and grew
and multiplied progressively.
I could see and hear, by all of my cells
that all of the existence were singing
the same melody:
Find your place among us
you are a part of cosmos
we have the same beloved
who is the creator, indeed
no enmity or enemy
is in our dignity
your heart should only be filled
with love and love, in this field
love is an endless ocean
you should follow shoreless men
if you want a godly kiss
you must fight only for peace.