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By Garrett Snyder

Today I saw a change in my behavior

Something was different about me

I engaged myself thinking about things

Things that no normal fifteen year old should be thinking about

A sign of maturity caught my eye as i began to pursue what was the most important thing to me, my family

Family has always been the ones to comfort you when your sailing low in your cloudy thoughts

And find a way to bring you to sanity

Your family are the people in your life that you look to for advice and support

Today, something out of the ordinary embraced my daily life
And I was shot down with a dark bolt of lighting that got me to realize

What meant the most to me and how to pursue it

The little things in life mean the most to people

And you dont realize how much you care about that special one until the day they don't exist anymore

The day they are revoked from the world

These small things are just so sentimental to the heart that sometimes

Its the only thing that keeps your heart ticking

Finding the right way to approach your flaws is key

The hardest part of growing up is finding a way to break free

Finding a way of letting go what your used to

And moving on with something your not

Change in your life isnt always easy to pursue

Turning your back on things that your used to

Or even things that you found thrilling can turn to a wild depression state of mind

Change in your life isn't always easy to soak in

Knowing when the time is right

Knowing when the heart is ready

Knowing when the brain is stable

All key factors in changing you see

There is a time and a place for everything in this world

There is a moment in life of willingness to proceed in life

To be the best you can be

Change in your life isn't always easy to pursue

The answers in life you wish to seek

Are only a footstep away, a footstep closer to happiness

The true meaning of change isn't to leave behind your worries like nothing happened

The true meaning of change is the willingness in your heart to be the best you can be

The true meaning of change is you.