Man i have got millions of chandigarh photos.. daso kehri chahidiyan ne.. i will post them... all movie theatres.. all parks.. some rods... sec 17.. temme and u will get it.. Afterall.. its my City beautiful.. and i LOVE IT...


~~brOwn sUg@~~
post all da picz harjinder......main nee main vee jaana aa chd :cry.....ramin oye tenu shimle de dikhi jande aa menu taan pele kansal wale dikhde paye aa.....main nee main jaana mere pind...:cry


Ki Zor Gareeba Da vich parna v aa honde te charna v aa mittra ne katheya ho ke mora te kharna v v zarur aapa hona:talli.....main jana aa chandigarh:uann:tears:uann:tears


GeNie_iN_a_boTtLe said:
post all da picz harjinder......main nee main vee jaana aa chd :cry.....ramin oye tenu shimle de dikhi jande aa menu taan pele kansal wale dikhde paye aa.....main nee main jaana mere pind...:cry
yaar all the pics.. there are about 500 pics yaar.tusi daso kehrian upload kara & i will do it.. and yaar i have got almost each nook & corner of chandigarh clicked, so tell me whcih part you want.. i will upload the pics... :)

Here are some of the pics.. Enjoy and lets say together Chandigarh is the best...

As you guys were talking about Shimla.. so some pics of Shimla and some pics of toy train. Few people dont know its like a heritage train ride and the Indian railways incur loses of croroes on this track every year but still they are running it because of its heritage value and baleive me its a great ride. Probably one of the best, I ever had...



Sunset At Shimla


View of Shimla


Chandigarh Aerial View


Open Hand Symbol Of City beatiful Welcome everyone


Roundabouts of Chandigarh- wherelse we can get those beautifully landscaped Roundabouts


PInjore Gardens


Sukhna Lake One of my favourite spots.. simple amazing, The peace and Shaanti there is simple breath taking, especially later at nights and early in the mornings.. Simple amazing..


Cactus Gardens in Panchkula.. Asia's biggest Cactus garden and you will be amazed by the varieties of Cactus there...

Our Good Old Rock Garden


I love this stretch especially in Extreme summers..


And last but not the least Sec-17, where i must admit i have seen most beautiful girls, probably the best girls I have ever seen in my life & to be honest this is the place where i have done all naughty & nice stuff..

Haye mera chandigarh...

haye meri sukhna lake...jithe kinna ghummi mein...

Haye mera rock garden...te oh funny mirrors....

Haye mera

Haye mera sec 35....cafeday---kinne mazze kitte...



Chandigarh-Introduction [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]INTRODUCING CHANDIGARH
Chandigarh, derives its name from a temple Chandi Mandir in the vicinity of the site selected for the city (deity Chandi, goddess of power), and a fort or ‘garh" beyond the temple, called Chandigarh..
Chandigarh was conceived as the capital of Punjab, in lieu of the lost capital at Lahore. But Punjab was divided a second time in 1966, and Chandigarh is today the capital of the States of both Punjab and Haryana. However, the city does not belong to either. Chandigarh is a Union Territory, administered by the Government of India.
Chandigarh belongs to its people. They love the city, and are proud of the quality of life it continues to provide.

The Story of Chandigarh
Chandigarh has become synonymous with a certain kind architecture, alongwith planned landscaping, not found in other cities of India, and not amenable to being strait jacketed. And so we begin the story of Chandigarh.
Initially the Government of Punjab approached American town planner Albert Mayer who along with architect Matthew Nowicki became the key planners for the new city. The master plan conceived by them had a fan-shaped outline filling the site between the two seasonal river-beds. At the northern edge of the city was the capitol complex against the panoramic backdrop of the Shivalik hills. The City Centre was sited in the middle, and two linear parklands ran from the northeast to the southwest. Mayer sought to create self-sufficient city, restricted in size and surrounded by green belts. Areas were clearly demarcated for business, industry and cultural activities. In August 1950, his co-planner Nowicki died in a plane crash and Mayer withdrew from the project.

This vision of Chandigarh, contained in the innumerable conceptual maps on the drawing board together with notes and sketches had to be translated into brick and mortar. Le Corbusier, eminent architect and urban theorist, was selected to carry forward this task. He retained many of the seminal ideas of Mayer and Nowicki, like the basic framework of the master plan and its components: the Capitol, City Centre, besides the University, Industrial area, and linear parkland. Even the neighbourhood unit was retained as the basic module of planning. However, the curving outline of Mayer and Nowicki was reorganised into a mesh of rectangles, and the buildings were characterised by an ‘honesty of materials’. Exposed brick and boulder stone masonry in its rough form produced unfinished concrete surfaces, in geometrical structures. This became the architecture form characteristic of Chandigarh, set amidst landscaped gardens and parks.


Chandigarh-Eating Out

Chandigarh has many fine restaurants. Go ahead and suit your palate. There are now almost 22 pubs flourishing in Chandigarh, making the draught beer both accessible & popular.

Chandigarh-Shopping Chandigarh-Shopping Sector 17:The main shopping and commercial centre of Chandigarh is Sector-17. This vast commercial complex is partly pedestrianised. It provides something for everyone, from hectic business activity to unhurried window shopping and even crowd gazing in the vicinity of the fountain.Big showrooms and departmental stores cater to the needs of shoppers. Government Emporia, innumerable shops, eateries, coffee houses, bars & pubs keep the visitor completely occupied.

Other places for shopping : Additionally, every sector in Chandigarh has its own shopping facility. Prominent among these are the shopping facilities provided in Sectors 7,9,15,18,19,22,34,35 & 37. For your convenience we list names of the prominent money changers, government emporia, bookshops, photographers and florists.


~~brOwn sUg@~~
harjinder if u've got can u upload da pics of sec-9 n 11 Gurudwara, Nada Sahib Gurudwara, Amb Sahib Gurudwara, geri route, student centre, PU football ground, Sec-9 jithe aerri te ebony aa :p......thnx


haleyo friends,
its my home town in germany,
its beautifull nature, which is a gift to us from god,
every cration of god is beautifull,

naale yaaroo jithe sajan vasde houn o jaga vi badi soni te changi lagdi ha,shar chandigarh di gal kr riha va yaroo

shar chandigarh te tusi pics de vich vekh hi lia huna kina sona shar ha,
sab toh sona shar giya me, shar giya jad chandigarh,
otho di ik kudi mili menu,mili german vich a ke,
age suspense hi ha yarooooooooooo,

sab ke samne me naam uska ,na le me sakuga,
vo sharm ka marye ruth jay, toh me kiya karoonga,
vo tohdi pagli haaaaaaaaaaaa, todi si deewani haaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
meri __________ ,

ik gal yaad rakhi dosta jarror ve,
lai te nibhai yaari hundhi e nibhon di,
vekhi dilya 2 duni 4 na kari, sari jindagi umar da rana e,

udeka vich raat nang gai, vadha kar ke dost di mail nahi ayi,
iam missing chandigarh, and mis chandigarh


Ki Zor Gareeba Da
sector 17:dr(kini masti mari aa ithe roz sham nu)...rock garden:dr(maza aunda c ithe jaake)...cactus club:dr(vakeya hi je j@tti wargi naal panga laina hove ta ithe la jaave )...sukhna lake:dr(ithe di ice cream,boating,food:yum)...sector 35:dr(mera home town...jithe main jami pali coffee,oven fresh,hot millions..haye :uann............main huni chandigarh jana aa:uann:tears