Cause of teenager’s death: ‘Hickey’ that tured into bite of death

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A Mexican teenager has died reportedly of a ‘hickey’ or a love bite. The freak incident allegedly happened after a blood clot that developed as a result of the love bite spread to his brain, causing convulsions hours later.


British news outlet Mirror reported that 17-year-old Julio Macias Gonzalez was having dinner with his family after an evening with his girlfriend, when he started having convulsions. Emergency medical personnel who rushed to the spot were unable to save him.
The Mirror reported that it is believed that the suction that caused the love bite caused the blood clot that travelled to Julio’s brain, giving him a stroke.
His 24-year-old girlfriend has now disappeared, and his parents apparently blame her for his death.


A similar incident had been reported in 2011 in New Zealand. A 44-year-old woman had suffered a stroke after a blood clot caused by a ‘hickey’ travelled to her heart.
The deadly clot is caused by damage the suction can cause to a major artery in the neck. While this is an extreme case, the ‘hickey’ itself is caused as the suction breaks blood vessels under the skin.