Caps and Hats Around World



A hat is a head covering that may be part of a uniform or worn for warmth, fashion, shade, or safety. A brimless hat is called a cap, and caps sometimes have visors.
Hats may be soft or stiffened, made of a single piece of cloth or stitched, and either virtually invisible or large and obvious. Hats can be adorned with pom-poms, fruit, feathers, ribbons, and jewels. Even stickers and autographs can be found as decorations on certain hats.
The major parts of a hat are: Brim, Chin Fastener, Crown, Ear flaps, Visor or Peak
CAPS: Baseball caps, stocking caps, ski caps, and scull caps are all brimless hats used for warmth, sun shading, and sports. Beanies are also a kind of cap.
Sun hats are simply wide-brimmed hats that are used for keeping the head cool and shading the eyes, and though they appear in new versions using up-to-date fabrics and colors, the hat as a concept is not subject to style. Today, sun hats may incorporate fabrics like mesh, carry a rating for Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF), pack flat and/or float if dropped in water, and include an array of other new features, while still serving to keep the sun out of one’s eyes.


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