Canadian Sikh woman charged with double murder plot


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Canadian Sikh woman charged with double murder plot

VANCOUVER: A 45-year-old Sikh woman has been arrested in the city suburb of Delta for plotting the murder of two persons for money.

Amarjit Kaur Lally, who appeared in a court on Wednesday, was charged with hiring hit men to commit the double murder.

Her intended targets were also Indo-Canadians, though police have not released their identity.

Police said they mounted surveillance after getting a tip about the murder plot. The persons to be targeted by her hit men were informed about danger to their lives and given protection. A six-week-long investigation led police to nail the Indo-Canadian woman.

"The intended victims were notified by police with respect to their risk of personal harm and safety, and protection measures were put into place during the course of the investigation," police spokesperson Sharlene Brooks told the local media.

She said, "As a result of this six-week investigation, charges have been secured under Section 464(A) of the Criminal Code.

"We believe that money is the motive behind this. Obviously when we receive information of this nature we take it seriously, and we embarked on an investigation.''

She said police used various 'investigative strategies, techniques and tactics' to nail the unearth the double murder plot.

The arrested Indo-Canadian woman has a criminal past. She was reportedly given a six-month jail term for a theft in 1997. :wacko

"She is a shady character with a criminal past. It is these kind of people who have brought a bad name to the whole Indian community here and lent further credence stereotypes about us. It doesn't help us,'' said a prominent Indo-Canadian leader and educationist who did not want to be identified.

Like Vancouver and Surrey city, Delta too has a large concentration of the Indo-Canadian community.