Can someone explain 'Sufna' movie ending?


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What does that document say... that Teg reads?
Is it that Jeet is now debt free and / or they own a house?
@chief - I might be wrong but like that document might says that Jeet's training is done and now, his job is started.
The real thing which the movie shows us is that Teg was waiting for her father (who was also a soldier) that he will come back and get her with him, taking care of her and all that as in the last scene, Teg was saying that her aunt gave everything but she did not get love from her aunt. So, Teg requested to marry Jeet who is also a soldier at that time.

Hope, your doubt is clear now.


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1. Jeet already came back in soldier's attire in the previous scene
2. The scene in question starts with a motorbike with 2 riders going towards a kacha house
3. Jeet ne modhe koi niyana chakea si [possibly theirs] (when Teg reads that doc.)

Sorry your explanation gave me nothing :|
Koi film banan aalea nu ethe leke aao :lol
No worries bro.
It's not mentioned anywhere except what I told you. Even in wikipedia, it is written that Jeet is in the army now. Teg found her phauji. There was nothing mentioned about that document.