Cafe Bugatti Coffee Machine For Creamy Cappucchino


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Bugatti is an award-winning French automotive company often faces in HiTech industry for the home. The last presented accessory is a coffee colored (yellow-purple, among others) made in Italy that will debut soon in USA.

Bugatti has thought of a shiny, futuristic design that transforms the coffee machine in an accessory furniture from before the mere preparation for consumption of beverages. If you want to give a touch of class to the office or if you are simply coffee-employee could then tease the idea. Dall'anima vintage, this coffee maker is a waffle with a pump at 15-bar that can prepare two cups at a time, but it is also good for a creamy cappuccino or to heat water for tea.

Machines for coffee opened a new horizon, some time ago because you had mentioned the model of Lavazza while it is being studied the special printer that uses ink as coffee (which remains a simple concept). Bugatti the model is pre-selling for a price of $ 1300.

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