Buraah!!! India will be world's third largest economy in 2006


» Ř ã Ĵ ē ė V « said:
Woah thats really koool. Impressive. Buraaaah....for India..

Thats no doubt impressive yaar.... good on ya India, Keep it up....

Just thinkl where was India, 15 years ago.. and compare it with now... therea difference and a lot of difference...


Niki_Grewal said:
Sach aa ya jhut:gig :gig :gig :gig :gig :gig :gig :gig :yahoo

i dnt know sah hai ya jhooth.. but its on many sites around... and i saw it there.. and its based on PPP... not GDP...

but yaar sensex crossed 10k mark...and man, somethings cooking there... and cooking with right ingredients..

chaki jaa fatte....