Browser ???


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main thread banaya te c.........chal dubara dass deni aan.........mani jido koi thread kholdi aan menu jido tak refresh na kara naviyaan posts nayi dikhdiyaan.....har waari refresh karna painda browser.......


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GeNie_iN_a_boTtLe said:
main use karke dekheya buh i dnt like it....can dis prob b solved fo IE??????????
you can try this,open IE settings

Tools --> Internet Options --> Settings --> Check For Newer Version of Stored Pages = Automatic

Restart IE


Focusing on ________
firefox is maybe da best but i like netscape 8.1 lol

cuz wid firefox i have a big problem .. these stupid pop-ups - specific kinds .. open up .. not in a different window but in da window im working in .. so if i'd written nething or my data is lost so after a lotta blunders i hadta leave firefox even tho i luved it ... lol

these pop-ups resize da firefox and there is no way to stop these.

i have tried every antispyware and shit but even these software raise their hands and are unable to delete these files ... the only other way is to format the whole thing nd i aint in a mood for that cuz i really dont knw wat nd howta do dat thing

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guys what do u say about google chrome?

i found it's preety fast