Bromley as ‘curry capital’ angers Indian chefs


Prime VIP
London, June 25

Indian chefs in Birmingham are up in arms after a survey adjudged the London suburb of Bromley as the ‘curry capital’ of Britain, but failed to list any Birmingham restaurant in the top 10. Britain’s centuries-old love affair with spicy Indian food has reached a new high with the 200th anniversary of London’s Hindustanee Coffee House. Sake Dean Mohamed, a resident of Patna, opened it in 1810.

To celebrate the anniversary, makers of Cobra beer conducted a survey and found that Bromley, with an Indian restaurant for every 853 people in the London suburb, qualified as the ‘curry capital’ of the United Kingdom.

Other Indian restaurants are Epsom, Reading, Leicester, Cardiff and Doncaster, but Birmingham, famous for its ‘balti belt’, failed to make it to the top 10.

Raj Rana, owner of Birmingham restaurant Itihaas, hit out at the survey and said quality and the heritage made Birmingham the undisputed ‘curry capital’. — PTI