Brainteaser V

The Ominous

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Top Ten
Last week's Top Ten consisted of the following performers:
1. Adda
2. Bay Leaf Rissoles
3. Cate Gooseberry
4. Demi-Sour
5. Englebert Smith
6. Fatherhood of Man
7. Gee-Bees
8. How
9. Itmaybe
10. John Revolter
This week the same ten were in the charts, but all their placings were different. Five had gone up and five had gone down. Adda had the biggest single drop of all, but Fatherhood went up.
When I looked at the products of last week's and this week's placings I found that:
(a) Gee-Bees product was three times Cate Goodeberry's,
(b) Itmaybe's was three times Demi-Sour's,
(c) Englebert's was even, What was this week's order?

Manpreet Singh Kohli

Manpreet Rulez
1. Fatherhood Of Man
2. How
3. John Revolter
4. Englebert Smith
5. Bay Leaf Rissoles
6. Demi-Sour
7. Cate Gooseberry
8. Itmaybe
9. Gee-Bees

theek aa na??
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