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"BEST OF LUCK" first day collection 71 lakhs .......jo sirf 217 screena te hi laggan ditti gai dassan yog gal hai ki jithe baki diyan film JATT N JULIET ,LUCKY DI UNLUCKY
GARBAD GARBAD etc 500+ screana naal
lagaiya gaiya si.

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Best Of Luck has done very well in Punjab by
recording the third best opening weekend ever.
The collections do look small compared to Jatt
and Juliet 2 released a few weeks back but
that film was just phenomenal. The top
Punjabi opening weeknds in East Punjab circuit
are as follows.
1. Jatt and Juliet 2 - 3,82,00,000
2. Jatt and Juliet - 2,27,00,000
3. Best Of Luck - 2,24,00,000
4. Carry On Jatta - 2,05,00,000
5. Lucky Di Unlucky Story 1,76,00,000
6. Mirza - 1,58,00,000
7. Singh v/s Kaur - 1,60,00,000
8. Daddy Cool Mundey Fool - 1,47,00,000
9. Jihne Mera Dil Luteya - 1,42,00,000
10. Jatts In Golmaal - 1,33,00,000
10. Tu Mere 22 Main Tera 22 - 1,23,00,000


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Naughty Jatts Reviews | Naughty Jatts First Day Box office

Naughty Jatts Reviews | Naughty Jatts First ( Opening) Day Box office Collection,Naughty Jatts Punjabi Movie reviews total income earnings and box office collection.

Punjabi Movie Naughty jatt will be released on friday morning across the world and it is expected to have a decent amount of business across the world and earn a decent amount in its lifetime. Here I will discuss the reviews , box office collection of this friday releasing movie Naughty Jatts whose date of release is 2nd august 2013. I will here tell you about the idea of this movie from which you will have an idea about the status of this movie and expect the future business of this movie.

Here is the starcast of this movie from which you will have a idea about the status of this movie.please tell us if you have any more assistance required.

Naughty Jatts Starcast-

Aarya Babbr
Rana Ranbir
Neeru Bajwa
Binnu Dhillon
Roshan Prince
B.N. Sharma
Karamjit Anmol

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Naughty Jatts reviews-

Movie promos has been really outstanding and it seems to be high class comedy movie in the lights of Neeru Bajwa, Arya Babbar B.N Sharma and others. But the actual will be shown to you after the interaction of people with us,

Naughty Jatts First ( Opening) Day Box office Collection-

Talking about the Box office collection of this Naughty Jatt Punjabi movie it will definitely have majority of International income stats but it will cover a lot from local regions too. This is the estimated income report but for exact updates stay tuned with us.

Naughty Jatts First day Box office Collection- 50 lakhs

Starting of this movie may be very slow but it will cover later on. This is the estimation looking at the status of the movie. For exact updates stay tuned with us.

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Re: Naughty Jatts Reviews | Naughty Jatts First Day Box offi

Naughty Jatts Review
A lot of expectations were riding high on Naughty Jatts since it was promoted really heavily for the last few weeks. Of course, this led to the movie generating a lot of curiosity and interest instantly, but now the question is whether ‘Naughty Jatts’ actually lives up to all the expectations or not? The answer, well, depends totally on what kind of an audience you are! If you simply want to enjoy and have a good time with family or want to escape from the monotony of routine life, then Naughty Jatts would definitely work for you! However, if you are a critical movie viewer, then Naughty Jatts has a few flaws that unfortunately, prevent it to get featured amongst the best Punjabi comedies of all time.

The ‘Carry on Jatta’, ‘Lucky Di Unlucky Story’, ‘Jatts in Golmaal’ and recently released, ‘Best of Luck’ screenplay and story writer, Naresh Kathooria is also, the man behind ‘Naughty Jatts’. He, along with the director, Pankaj Batra rolls out a film which is a nice departure from the ongoing slapstick-comedy trend in our film industry. Naughty Jatts, deserves all the praise for being a nice situational comedy involving four principal characters named, Rocky (Arya Babbar), BD, pronounced as, Beedi (Roshan Prince), Laali (Binnu Dhillon) and Simi (Neeru Bajwa). The three guys are the ‘Jatts’ who fall in love with the same girl – Simi. Simi aspires to become a singer and is also, determined to marry a singer only but her father (B.N. Sharma) doesn’t want her daughter to get into the singing field at all. In fact, he wants Laali, (who is a close friend of Simi) to stop her chances of releasing a duet album with Rocky at any cost. To impress Simi, Rocky seeks the help of his cousin, Beedi, who sings for him in the background and Rocky mouths the words, while, Laali pretends to be a friend of singer “Diljit Dosanjh” in an attempt to attract Simi.

For Hindi movie watchers, it’s no surprise that Naughty Jatts’ plot resembles closely with yesteryear’s Sunil Dutt, Kishore Kumar and Saira Banu classic, Padosan. However, the good news that the whole playback singing sequence between Arya Babbar and Roshan Prince is handled refreshingly well. The very first time when BD sings for Rocky on the terrace is emotionally moving and hilarious at the same time. Kudos to the director for handling that song with élan; then the entire studio recording scene involving Rocky doing silly things just to delay his recording while BD getting stuck in the court and arriving just on time, is superb as well. Now these are the scenes that make you laugh even without any long witty dialogues. Scenes involving Karamjit Anmol’s phone set on ‘vibrator mode’ were well thought-out and truly side-splitting!

But talking about the flipside, there definitely are a few things that make the movie a bit sluggish. A good script like, Naughty Jatts deserved to be presented in a smart, slick and edgy way. One of the major letdowns was the outset of the film involving the ‘Neeru Bajwa’ shooting scene. That was not a ‘bang’ start at all for a movie that was promoted so well and eagerly waited for! It doesn’t really make sense why there was a need to make Simi’s character a look-alike of Neeru Bajwa. Another weakness is the characterization of BD. BD is certainly not given the kind of screen space and dialogues that his character ideally should have got!

Performances wise, Binnu Dhillon once again, takes the cake away. He is one of the male leads and has a vital role to play in the movie. The film heavily depends on his shoulders and this super-talented man doesn’t disappoint anyone. This is easily, one of the best performances of Binnu Dhillon in his entire career of comedies. Right from his costumes, his hand gestures, his facial expressions and dialogues, Binnu oozes humour which can leave you rolling on your seats with laughter. Brownie points to this supremely talented actor for yet another flawless performance! In Naughty Jatts, Arya Babbar’s character faces direct competition from Binnu Dhillon to which, Arya Babbar responds well. His performance seems honest and even though, Binnu overshadows everybody, yet Arya leaves his mark!

Roshan Prince, is a great find for the Punjabi film industry. He deserves praise for his fantastic performance and beautiful songs that he’s sung for the movie. As far as Neeru Bajwa is concerned, thankfully, we finally, get to see her in a movie in which she gets a chance to display her acting talent. Apart from looking gorgeously beautiful, the actress sparkles in every sequence with her superb acting that adds so much weight to her character. B.N. Sharma is truly first-rate while, Karamjit Anmol is wonderful, especially, in the final moments of the film.

Ballewood Rating: 3/5

Cast: Arya Babbar, Neeru Bajwa, Roshan Prince, Binnu Dhillon, Karamjit Anmol, & many more

Genre: Comedy/Musical/Romance

Produced By: Multiline Entertainment Pvt. Ltd

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Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De is a brave attempt that breaks the clutter of comedies in Punjabi Cinema but it lacks a solid foundation in form of a good screenplay. Watch it for its ensemble cast, terrific performances (mostly), excellent music, stylish dialogues and over the top action (if you
are fan of it).
Rating - ★★★

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First things first, Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De doesn't
degrade the Punjabi movies as a few intellectual Punjabi
Cinema fans have been complaining, neither does it
bring down the Punjabi film standards to that of late
80's and early 90's when Punjabi films were all about
Jatts, revenge and senseless action.
In a time when Punjabi Cinema is facing some criticism
for churning out only comedies, Jatt Boys Putt Jattan
De offers something altered; however, it will still be
considered as an infancy step towards that change and
not a total game changer. So, does Jatt Boys Putt
Jattan De work? Yes and No! It does break the muddle
of comedies but doesn't offer sufficient entertainment
(read Drama/Conflict) to be taken as a serious
contender for this change. Singh Vs Kaur earlier this
year proved that Punjabi audience was yet again ready
for action oriented films and if Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De
succeeds at the box office, we may expect more action
films in Punjabi Cinema.

Synopsis: Sanwal Gill (Sippy) and Waris Brar (Aman)
are group leaders at a college, who have a love hate
relationship inherited from their fathers. They aim to get
along for the sake of the other students but that resolve
is severely tested when a beautiful girl named Seerat
(Isha) walks into their lives. Sanwal is immediately
smitten and pursues Seerat. Meanwhile, she only has
eyes for Waris and resolves to win his heart. Rival
college leader Jolly wreaks revenge on Sanwal and
Waris by inflaming tensions between them.
Story/Screenplay/Dialogues: The problem with Jatt
Boys Putt Jattan De is that neither it is an action film,
nor a comedy or a romantic movie; it combines all of
these in a somewhat poor screenplay. Character actor
turned writer Prince K J Singh needs to go back to the
screenplay fundamentals before he churns out another
film as a writer. He has great potential which can be
seen is his dialogues. However, he has completely
messed-up the establishment of his characters and
conflict. Usually successful Bollywood or Indian films
have seen five-six acts (3/3) compared to standard
Hollywood's 3 act rule and this is where the screenplay
falters, instead of having these highlights, the film
doesn't offer a good introduction and climax leaving just
the Pre-Interval scenes as somewhat stronger.
Excessive use of songs is another downer for the film.
The length of the film is mere 130 minutes and more
conflict could have been added. Characters could have
developed a lot more than what we see in the film. For
instance, characters played by Rahul Dev and Sukhdev
Sukha are so badly written and make them appear as
mere roles and not characters. Similarly, the conflict
between the senior group (Om Puri, Gugu Gill, Mohd
Saddique, Sardar Sohi) is just too confusing and could
have been way better explained. Dialogues are really
good and make you look upon them. Overall, the
screenplay lacks flow. A mediocre job!
Acting: Sippy Gill's subtle yet macho portrayal of his
character is sure to win him fans as well as haters. He
looks bloody scary in his angry look expressions but
also succeeds in connecting through his emotional
scenes. Isha Rikhi is beautiful and does a good job; a
few more films will decide her fate. Watching Om Puri
and Guggu Gill is such a treat for Punjabi film lovers
and both of them don't disappoint in whatever is given
to them. Dhaliwal delivers a terrific performance; I don't
understand why he is not having solo releases, he’s
such a fine good looking actor. Rahul Dev in a special
appearance is competent and also looks dashing.
Jaswinder Bhalla is repetitive yet lovable. Razia Sukhbir
is good. Sardar Sohi, Daljit Kaur and Mandeep Kaur are
wasted. Karamjit Anmol is in terrific form. Mohammad
Saddiq is okay, Sukhdev Sukha is plastic but his
presence in the Song College is commendable. Harinder
Bhullar looks different without a turban, makes you
giggle in whatever he's got. Prince K J Singh as the
main antagonist is good but suffers from his own
mediocre writing; nevertheless, he’s got a good amount
of screen presence. Overall, Good performances!
Music: Jatt Boys Putt Jattan De has multiple
composers Dr. Zeus, TRU-Skool, Laddi Gill, Justin Thind
and Jawar Dildar who deliver a very good album. Some
standout tracks are Bin College De, Title Track – Putt
Jattan De, Kudam Kabila, Yarra Ve and Kabutri. Item
song Preeti was not needed and it is the only dull track
from the album. Overall, very good music!
Direction and Technical Aspects: First time director
Simranjit Singh Hundal does a good job. There is
definitely a lot of room for improvement but attempting
a non-comedy in today's time deserves him and his
producer a pat! Action by K. Ganesh Kumar is never
seen before for a Punjabi film but a lot of it may appear
fake and too overboard. Editing by Bunty Nagi is
average; however, not much blame can be given to the
editor when the screenplay itself is confusing. The
director takes a few cinematic liberties and there are
also a few continuity errors, most noticeable one being
the anti-climax where Sippy Gill is hurt badly and still
turns out without those injuries in the very next scene.
Cinematography by Akashdeep Pandey is apt. Overall,
Last edited:


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Aashiqui Not Allowed (2013) 4th Day Box Office Collection

Aashiqui Not Allowed 1st Day Collection: 70 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 2nd Day Collection: 60 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 3rd Day Collection: 80 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 4th Day Collection: 50 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed Total Collections: 2.60 Cr


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Aashiqui Not Allowed (2013) 6th Day Box Office Collection
Bittu as urge to earn money lands him in trouble with the Don, Billu Bakra. Trying to run from his trouble he finds more trouble when he decides to make film for the don. When love strikes Bittu, it strikes him hard. His love for Hansi, his escape from Billu Bakra who will never let love flourish under his nose and a film cursed with more bad luck brings more despair. Together Bittu and his friend Punnu start a journey where love, friendship, fun, trouble, death and horror meet each other.

Aashiqui Not Allowed (2013) Box Office Collection

Aashiqui Not Allowed 1st Day Collection: 70 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 2nd Day Collection: 60 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 3rd Day Collection: 80 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 4th Day Collection: 50 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 5th Day Collection: 45 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed 6th Day Collection: 30 Lac
Aashiqui Not Allowed Total Collections: 3.35 Cr​


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Movie Review: Heer & Hero Punjabi Movie

Star cast: Arya Babbar, Minissha Lamba, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Preet Bhullar, Yograj Singh, Manoj Pahwa, Goldy Khurana, Surmmet Mavi, Gagandeep Kaur, Balraj Syal, Hobby Dhaliwal, Shiraaz Khan, Shaku Rana, Hazel Keech with Mukul Dev
Director: Sagar S. Sharma Producer: HB
Productions (Harjeet Bhullar & Etch B)
Music: Gurmeet Singh
Genre: Rom-Com
Censor Details: U/A (Punjabi) – 135 Minutes Synopsis

Heer & Hero follows the journey of a girl, Geet (Minissha) who is a fashion designer and wins a chance to go to Paris for a fashion show. However, her marriage is fixed and her father stops her from going to Paris. 3 Boys – Raj (Preet), Fateh (Arya) & Bhupi (Ghuggi) are all in love with Geet and want her to fly to Paris. They help her escape from her house on the day of her wedding; in a chance that one of them will get her. To find out which Hero gets the Heer; watch the film. Review: Heer & Hero, the next offering from the director of Burrraahh, has something new and unique to offer from what every comedy movie has. This one is also a comedy no doubt, but it has situational laughs and moreover it becomes a road journey in the second half, which is unique and first timer in Punjabi Cinema. Coming to the story, it’s a regular comic theme but this time, the female character is much more stronger than the usual’s. Screenplay is fast and pact to suit the mood of the film. One scene here and another there might seem as a forceful insertion but doesn’t harm because at the end of it, it will make you laugh. That’s it. Overall, Story and Screenplay by Rajan Agarwal offers an all in one package – Comedy, Action, Romance, Drama. Dialogues are by Sagar Sharma, Veer Vashisht & Kumar Ajay. They make you laugh and it seems like the characters of Arya Babbar and Mukul Dev got highlighted because of their dialogues. They had their own set of punches. Sagar S Sharma as a director achieved heights with Burrraahh and now in Heer & Hero he’s moved another step ahead. Technically, the film is well shot and he’s given an extraordinary lifeline to this ordinary idea on paper. Music is by Gurmeet Singh. Tracks like Lak Tunoo Tunoo, Heer Te Hero by Lehmber, Dil Nal Dil and Ullu Da Patha are all great in this variety album. Also the Haule Haule track at the start of the film with the numbering suited the mood and pace of the film. Coming to the performances, Arya Babbar stole the show. He’s a great actor no doubt but he needs roles, which have potential for him as an actor. Also he’s dubbed himself for the first time, which makes a lot of difference. Minissha Lamba and Preet Bhullar make confident debuts in Punjabi Cinema. Minissha has proved her acting in Hindi cinema and given such roles again she can perform well. Speaking of Preet, Punjabi Cinema has got a new hero. He has looks, physique, height and charm. That’s it. We have a new hero. Gurpreet Ghuggi as always was a treat to watch. His role could have been more in the first half. Mukul Dev, was strong as a character. Each time he made his presence, his character took the film forward. He was cleverly used. It was great to watch the likes of Manoj Pahwa and Yograj Singh in roles that suit them. Manoj had his share of ‘samosas’ in the film. Goldy Khurana as Ballu Bahadur will get noticed. Hazel sizzled the screen in Lak Tunoo Tunoo. Overall, Heer & Hero is a comedy film but has something unique and new to offer when it comes to comedies in Punjabi Cinema. It’s not that regular drawing room comedy. It has strong performances, some peppy music and much more. A watchable film this weekend.


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* XCL Bhaji In Problem Movie Review *

‘Comedy Masterpiece’

If you got something to do this weekend, delay it because you should be watching Bhaji in Problem. Yes it is that good !!!!

Directed by Smeep kang who has given us blockbusters like Carry on Jatta and Lucky di unlucky story, does a fantastic job at bringing this together on a screen.

Gippy Grewal in the lead role does a marvelous job at playing out different characters which are infact very complex in their own rights. His acting skills are unmatchable now. A established actor in his own right no doubt. He is supported by TV Serial Queen, Ragini Khanna, her first Punjabi movie that doesn’t stop her from delivering fantastic dialogue in Punjabi, a sure treat.

Comedy maestros Gurpreet Ghugi,, BN Sharma, Rana Jang Bahadur, Karamjit Anmol, khushbo Grewal and Misha Bajwa take this movie to another level. There are cameo appearances by our formidable Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh and Australia’s very own Japji Khaira.

Now here is a big draw card for the movie, Bhaji in Problem is produced by Ashvini Yardi and none other than wait for it Akshay Kumar !!!! Who would say no to doing a Punjabi movie right now and especially if you are of Punjabi Heritage in Bollywood like Akshay Kumar then you have to !!! This superhero has tried his luck as a producer and yes he does makes a guest appearance in a song as Bakshay kumar, no its not a spelling mistake he does appear as a Akshay kumars duplicate brother from Jalandhar Bakshay kumar . His song simply electrifies the set and thursts the movie to its finale with a fantastic build up.

Movie kicks off with a colorful song encapsulating in essence the colorful vibrant Punjab and its people. Then its all go .. He can jump , he can fly , he can make you laugh and offcourse he can throw a kick and a punch gippy just doesn’t stop …. It’s a full entertainment rollercoaster ride there on.

Now the plot, Movie kicks off with a land feud in two factions fighting over a land possession in a rural village setting and who is the guy to stop all of this !!! harbhajan singh as a cameo appearance … thanedaaara !!!

He delivers some choice dialogues, ‘ Dil vaade karo … rooj rooj lariyee karan naalo ek Vaare smajoutah karlo !!

Then twists start to unfold as Maninder Cheema , Gippy sets off to visit his Mama ji ( Om puri ) in the city who is a theatre director to find a honorable job and it all goes wrong for the poor lad, from here on you won’t stop laughing till the end. And then there is ghuggi stuck in between the two lives and two wives. How ghuggi juggles two wives in same town just takes on a different meaning when maninder(gippy)
ends up dragging him through some awkward situations. Plot thickens after the interval… Gippy has to play three characters Jeetah (Maninder), Sandeep and Gaurav jain and they interclash creating some hilarious scenes.

Here is the lowdown, comedy doesn’t stop . dialogues are actually very very funny…. And no its not a exaggeration they will make you laugh till the end. Movie doesn’t drops its tempo , dialogues are well written and well delivered. Relationships just take on a different meaning and comedy unfolds with a grand finale in Sandhu palace !!

This is a comedy master piece … drop what you doing, book your tickets and enjoy a fun night out …. This will be a night out you will remember for a long time…

If you guys think Carry on Jatta was Gippy’s best movie you are about to get a pleasant cheema surprise…

Final word

Bhaji in problem, movie doesn’t stops, doesn’t drop and you get your money’s worth by the end of it …

10 out 10
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