Bomb defused on UP train headed to Delhi


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A bomb found on a train headed from Uttar Pradesh to Delhi exploded on a station nearby while a bomb disposal squad was working to defuse it. Nobody was injured.

The bomb was discovered late on Wednesday night at Mahoba in UP on the Sampark Kranti Express. The train was headed to Nizamuddin in Delhi.

Passengers spotted a package with a blinking red light in the toilet of a sleeper coach, and alerted the railway police. The coach was detached from the train immediately.

A bomb disposal squad was then summoned from the army base in Allahabad; it reportedly took several hours to arrive.

Senior police officials describe the bomb as a sophisticated one that weighed 1.5 kgs. When it was detonated, the explosion was incredibly powerful.

Trains in the area were held up for more than three hours because of the bomb alert.

There is no information yet on who was responsible for planting the bomb on the train.