Bodybuilding Guide For Beginners


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In the recent times, we have witnessed people becoming more and more health conscious. Everyone is striving to strike the right balance between workout and diet, to enjoy a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Bodybuilding has been an integral part of workout for ages. Generally, men, of all ages, have been interested in bodybuilding. However, nowadays, even women have started taking active interest in it. If you are one of the people who have developed an interest in the workout, remember that it is important that you practice the right methods for bodybuilding and not overdo it. Given below is a short bodybuilding guide for beginners, with advice that will prove beneficial for them.

Beginners Bodybuilding Advice

Focus On One Part At A Time
Before starting with the bodybuilding regimen, it is important to know that you should focus on developing one part of the body, at one time. Take at least a week for each part and train yourself slowly and steadily. Don’t be over-zealous and over-train yourself. It may result in losing muscles, instead of gaining them. Start with the largest body part and move to the smallest one, while training yourself.

Do Certain Basic Exercises
Certain basic exercises, like crunches, incline press, barbell squat, leg curl lying and calf raised standing, should be practiced on a regular basis, when you indulge in bodybuilding. These exercises will help you in toning various parts of your body, like abdomen, chest, biceps, triceps, hamstrings and buttocks,.

Take Breaks & Make Variations
Workout for maximum of 5 days, in a week, and take break for at least 2 days. You can take weekend breaks or take a break in the middle of the week, to rejuvenate yourself - the choice is entirely yours. Try to add new exercises every now and then, so that the workout regime does not become monotonous and you enjoy bodybuilding. However, proper guidance should be taken before starting new exercises.

Warming Up Is Necessary
Before starting with your scheduled workout, do not forget to warm up your body. It is necessary to do 10-15 minutes of cardiovascular exercises, so that your body reaches the condition, to handle a rigorous session. You can run on spot or on a treadmill and jump on the rope to condition your body for the main bodybuilding session.

Take Care Of Your Diet
Make sure to follow general nutrition guidelines, while on a workout regime, and enjoy its long term benefits. Usually, a diet rich in protein and low on carbohydrates is recommended for best results. Dairy products, meat, fish, tofu, and dried beans (like peanuts) have high protein content and are good for your body.

Have Positive Mindset
A bodybuilding guide for beginners will not be complete without stressing on the need of a positive approach towards the process. The entire bodybuilding process consumes a lot of time. It is advisable not to expect a miraculous result within a couple of weeks. The right amount of dedication, determination and commitment is necessary to enjoy the fruits of the process.


  • Follow all the steps listed above and, though it may take a long time, the end results will surely be worth it. So, brace yourself and start from today. Eventually, you will be able to flaunt a nice and toned body.