Biodegradeable computer cases on the way?


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Biodegradeable computer cases made from recycled paper on the way?

I love gadgets, but I’m also kind of fond of the planet we live on, and I always feel guilty about upgrading to the latest and greatest if it means leaving last year’s model lying in a desk drawer or even worse — a landfill. Fortunately there’s a growing market for second-hand electronics, and much e-waste can be recycled or re-used. But things would be a lot better if computers and other gadgets were made of more environmentally responsible materials in the first place. And the folks at PEGA Design & Engineering are taking a step in that direction.

The company is showing off a new material that’s flexible and sturdy enough to be molded into a laptop computer chassis. But the material which is made of recycled paper and polyproylene is biodegradeable.

Right now the company is just showing a prototype for its laptop case design, but I’d love to see PC makers adopt the technology for actual products.

While you might not think recycled paper would make a sturdy building material, you can actually process it to be incredibly durable. In fact, when we remodeled the kitchen in our home, we went with PaperStone countertops made of recycled paper. It’s as hard as rock, waterproof, and resistant to high temperatures.

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lamme, i dont care how durable they might be they clearly look stupid.
how are developers going to use this design to make thin laptops such as apple's macbook air, or notebooks or really thin laptops. it's basically impossible