Biggest Trucks In The World

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Komatsu 930E

Komatsu 930E is never used to commute to work or even help you move it. This 3,500 hp truck can carry 556 tons! So, it is a great helper in construction works and core mining

Liebherr TI 274
One of the most popular dump trucks ever!

It is not as big as powerful as Komatsu, but 3k hp and 320 of operational weight capacity make it a popular dump truck. If you wonder what its top speed is, it’s 40 mph

Komatsu 830E
Komatsu - leader among dump trucks!

Again Komatsu, but this time this is the 830E model. Its load capacity is 244 tons while gross vehicle operating weights is 425 tons. It is not as powerful as previous Komatsu model, but 2,5000 hp is more than enough

Hitachi Euclid EH5000
Euclid is big and strong

What a name! If you think that Hitachi produces consumer electronics only, you are mistaken. Look at this vehicle! 316 tons on board, and this “little guy” can go at 41 mph!

Hitachi Euclid EH4500
Hitachi Monster Truck!

Again Hitachi. This is a “smaller” model, with lower load capacity and top speed. However, smaller size and fuel consumption makes this truck even more popular

Liebherr T 282B
A motorized mountain!

400 tons of maximum load capacity! This truck can help the entire city move in. It has incredible 3,650 hp horsepower and a maximum speed of 40 mph. Who needs to drive faster if you know you drive a wheeled house?

Terex MT 6300AC
This truck packs so much horsepower!

This is actually one of the biggest trucks in the world, one of TOP 3 biggest trucks, to be exact. 400 tons and 3,750 hp! You’d better back off if you see a vehicle like that on a highway.

Terex MT 5500
Terex: where power and elegance meet!

Big, strong and reliable. It can carry up to 360 tons and move at 40 mph. A 16-cylinder engine does its job pretty well.

Caterpillar 797B
One of the fastest dump trucks in the world!

Just look at that monster in comparison to a car. It is not only big but also powerful. 380 tons of maximum load capacity speak for themselves.

Cat 793D
A legendary truck!

This is Caterpillar - a company that has an incredibly high trust and authority. Its trucks are one of the most reliable, so, it’s no wonder they are seen at nearly every building site in any part of the world.​


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