Biggest Ships In The World

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Let’s look at the biggest ships in the world. No doubt, just can’t imagine how big they are​

Vale Brasil. Let’s Start With “small” Guys!


Welcome MS Vale Brasil which is one of the largest iron ore carriers on the planet.

MS Vale Brasil is owned by a Brazilian mining company to transport iron ore from South America to Asia. 199k tons is what she can take on board. The ship’s length is 1,188 feet. Oh my God, you can play football there. This is a relatively young ship. It made its first voyage in 2011. Vale Brasil has the title of one of the largest iron carriers in the world.

Jarmada Class
Jarmada has finished her service but still shocks people with its dimensions and aura.

Back in 1975 it used to be one of the biggest ships in the world. She can go as fast as 16 knots. Unfortunately, in 2008 Jarmada’s history came to an end. Having served for 32 years, the ship has become outdated and non-competitive. It serves as a storage facility at the moment. Nonetheless, Jarmada had a glorious history.

Globtik Tokyo
Globtik Tokyo is still in the list of top 10 biggest ships in the world. 1,243 feel long

This is another example of a formerly glorious ship that has served for more than 13 years. With load capacity of 480k tons and max speed of 16-17 knots it used to be one of the most state of art vessels of its time. Well, as time went by, it became history. Red and white coloring scheme is awesome as well!

TI Oceania
Huge, fast and good looking. That’s all Oceania is

Oceania is a bit faster as compared to previously mentioned ships - up to 18 knots. They say the ship has all up to date technologies on board which make it totally independent and practically invincible. From a long distance Oceania looks like a huge iceberg floating in the high waters

Emma Maersk
The biggest ship in the world still in service! Emma Maersk is just stunning.

Emma Maersk looks so cool. By the way, this is the largest ship still in service. So, its engineers have all reasons to be proud of her. It is also the largest container ship ever constructed. The speed of 26 knots, the length of 1,305 feet and 150k tons of tonnage make her special! Can you imagine that? Good luck, Emma!

Esso Atlantic
It used to be the biggest tanker in the world and impresses with its size even now

This huge ship (1.334 feet long) has an incredible deadweight capacity of 516k tons. Unfortunately, it was disposed in 2002 having served for 35 years. There’s no need to say that it used to be the best ship of its time. Esso Atlantic is an oil tanker by the way.

The 4rd largest ship ever made on this planet!

Built in 1979 this supertanker used to have 4 different names: Sea Brilliance, Hellas Fos and finally Sea Giant. Well, Sea Giant is a great name for it. After all, this is the 4th biggest ship ever made! She has been transporting oil for 34 years. So, wow! Despite its giant size, the ship can go a 16 knots

Giant and impressive are probably the words that hit the bull’s eye when it comes to Batillus.

Unfortunately, most biggest ships are out of service now. Batillus is not an exception. She made her last trip in 1985 and first saw water in 1976. As to the specs, she has a deadweight capacity of 554k tons and can reach the speed of 17 knots. Batillus length is 1,359 feet. Just look at the picture to understand how big Batillus is.

Pierre Guillaumat
It has a short history but impressive dimensions. Pierre Guillaumat is one of the ships that tops this list

We have got closer to the “big guys”. Without any doubts, Pierre Guillaumat is a big guy. It failed to serve as long as everybody expected it to serve. It has been named after a famous French politician and put into service back in 1977. She seized to exist in 1983 when a Korean corporation bought Pierre Guillaumat for a complete demolition.

Seawise Giant
This is the largest vehicle on Earth, and of course this means the largest ship ever made. It is the Queen of Oceans


And the winner is…Seawise Giant. The name speaks for itself. With loading capacity of 657k tons, this is the heaviest ship in the world. Due to its size, she cannot navigate some channels like the English Channel, for example. In fact, this is not just the biggest ship ever, but also the biggest self-propelled vehicle the mankind has ever created. It’s length is 1,504 feet. That equals almost 10 football fields! Unfortunately, Seawise Giant made its last journey in 2009