Bigg Boss 7: Who Will Be Eliminated in Week 9?

Who do you think will get eliminated tomorrow?

We're in the ninth week of Bigg Boss 7, where the drama mixed with crazy tasks and backbiting continues. With just four people nominated for eviction this week, we can help but wonder who's going to leave the house! Here's a look at the nominees for eviction from Bigg Boss 7. Who do you think deserves to go?
Sanghram Singh
Poor thing! Sanghram got nominated just because he hasn't been nominated before, and that too by his own captain, Armaan Kohli. Armaan mentioned that Sangram is well-known for not taking a stand and switching sides too often. Due to these reasons, Armaan nominated him.

Ajaz Khan
This one thinks he's nothing less than a superstar! Wanting to have a say on everything that happens in the house, Ajaz's favourite pastime is to talk about Armaan and Tanishaa to everyone. Looks like his love for gossip got him nominated by the housemates. Do you think he'll be the one to leave?

Candy Brar
This one's too sweet to be true! She keeps to herself and speaks as much as is necessary! If you've seen her without makeup, you're sure to have taken a step back. Will she get eliminated?

Sofia Hayat
This singer, model, actress and ex-girlfriend of cricketer Rohit Sharma seems pretty dumb! We doubt she understands what's really happening in the house. The housemates, having known her for such little time, got her nominated for elimination. Do you want her evicted?