Bigg Boss 10: Rohan stabs Bani and more that happened last night

Miss Alone

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We never thought we’d ever say these words but a contestant on Bigg Boss 10 was stabbed last night! Seriously.
Yes, we will accept that the ‘stabbing’ was unintentional but it got your attention, didn’t it?

Wednesday night’s episode was a whirlwind with so much happening, it was difficult to keep a track of all that was actually important.
So here is a handy list of all the highlights from the episode. Do take our poll at the end and let us know which one you thought was the most interesting.

1. Bani does not like getting stabbed by knives

And we understand. Rohan was playing around with knives, waving them around in the air when he accidentally stabbed Bani a little on the right side of her waist. She started bleeding instantly though not very severely.
She got really angry at Rohan’s stupidity, demanding how he could be so careless with dangerous objects.
Of course, Rohan felt extremely sorry and even apologised to Bani. She forgave him soon enough, perhaps sensing genuine guilt in his voice. He even shed a few tears!

Even Bigg Boss’ voice boomed through the house, telling Rohan that what he did was very careless indeed and that everyone should be more careful in the future.

2. Celebrity team wins the secret task

The celebrity team successfully completed the secret task and were able to restore power again. They got all the pictures that Bigg Boss asked them to click during the task including the one in which Mona kissed Manu, and the one in which Bani pushed Lokesh into the pool and more.

The other team spent a good, long time wondering how they could have pulled this off.

3. Lopa and Nitibha fight and make up

Nitibha and Lopamudra got in a heated war of words when Lopa failed to give the commoner team their food on time. Her explanation for her failure didn’t go down well with Nitibha, resulting in yet another fight.