Bigg Boss 10 promo: Salman Khan is back, this time as an astronaut

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It’s back, and this time it promises to bigger, more bitter, than ever before. The first promo of Bigg Boss, arguably the most controversial reality show on Indian TV, was released Saturday morning, and it has, Salman Khan (who else?) as the host. What’s new in this season? Starting this year, Bigg Boss will lose its celebrity-only tag, giving a chance to the general public to gain entry into the house.
The 30-second-long video starts with Salman landing on moon, saying: “Jab chand par dikha insaan pehli baar, jab ande se nikli murgi pehli baar, tab create hua itihaas. Ab aam public aa rahi hai pehli baar Bigg Boss, to create hogi history par kya hogi mystery?”

The promo was shot a month ago at Mehboob Studio in Bandra, Mumbai. The show is likely to go on air by mid-September.

At the end of the last season in January this year, Bigg Boss producers invited general public to register for the show. However, with the TRPs falling for past few years, we are sure celebs and controversy creators will be brought in as wild-card entries and guests.
Bigg Boss is a reality TV show based on the lines of the British show Big Brother. The show’s format keeps participants locked inside a house for three months.