Bhopal gas tragedy: Scindia defends Arjun Singh


Prime VIP
Indore, June 25: Embattled Arjun Singh, under scanner from within and outside Congress for his role in the aftermath of the Bhopal Gas tragedy, got support from a Congress minister who said some people are making unnecessary comments against the former Madhya Pradesh chief minister.

"In politics, one can raise voice against another person's ideology or some decision, but it would not be appropriate to make low-level personal comments against any individual," Scindia told reporters.

Some persons are making unwanted comments against Arjun Singh who has played a major role in the development of Madhya Pradesh, he said.

Scindia refused to comment on the exit of then Union Carbide chief Warren Anderson from Bhopal during Singh's tenure.

He asked people not to play politics on the Bhopal gas tragedy.